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A Hero's Journey

A Herald of Spirit 

A hero’s journey isn’t an easy one, we tend to seek after adventure, we have no fear, nor a sense of danger. That is until we hit our rock bottom, after we have tried everything under the sun, lost all our closest relationships, and our most prize possessions. Ourselves, or so we think, that is when we heroes begin to look back at our past actions, where we got it wrong at, and how to fix it. We then begin to do the hard work of rebuilding ourselves, piece by piece, not sure if we will ever achieve the goal that we want so badly. Remember? We lost our most prize possession (ourselves). But you know the funny thing about us heroes? We never take no for an answer, we want to try it out for ourselves. You see, after trying out different religions, going through one failed relationship attempt, after another, abusing prescription drugs, and hitting a complete spiritual bankruptcy. It wasn’t until I finally came to know the God of my own understanding, that I experienced true spiritual freedom. I’ll tell you, you can’t have any type of healthy relationship, if you don’t first have one with yourself. That is why I am a firm believer of self-love, because it was the love for myself, that allowed me to accept the genuine love from my Creator, I call him God. Through that love, I was able to clear out all that unnecessary baggage, that held me back. As an empath, I realized that I had to become emotionally intelligent, for me to not take on the emotions, thoughts, and opinions of others. I had to become my true authentic self, for me to experience freedom on this Earth. I want to help you find the hero in you, are you ready?    

                                                                -Dwight. L, Intuitive Psychic, Medium and Coach

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Palm Reading

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Photo Medium Reading 

Was $75 now $61 for 45 minutes!

After many readings, I have found that those that I connect to the most, are kindred spirits. Those that have battled with addiction, struggled with mental health, contemplated suicide, and have been rejected by friends and family. I have found that they feel safe talking to me, as if they know, I would not judge them, nor exploit or take advantage of them. This is all true. I have no control over who chooses to talk to me or not, however, I do my best to make sure that everyone feels safe to talk, and express their feelings and emotions with me.

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Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Payment Plans & Package Deals Available! $50 Flat Hourly Rate.

Being an intuitive empath, with a life path number 6, it is one of my soul's missions to help heal broken relationships. This just doesn't relate to romantic relationships, but relationships in general, we have our own personal relationship with ourselves, that many aren't aware of. We also have a personal relationship with our Creator, having gone through many trials and errors, as it relates to both spirituality and relationships, I have learned the best way for me to merge my beliefs. In a healthy, balanced, and sustainable way. I now want to help you do the same. These are the results I will give to you. What are you waiting for? You've made it this far, go ahead and schedule your sessions now!

First meeting

Free! Discovery Call!

Limited Time Only! 20 Free Minutes!

This is an opportunity for you and I, to see how well we mesh. This is a free no obligation consultation, between two human beings that are looking to make things better. I will be my authentic self, and it is my hope that you will do the same, as this is the only way for us to truly make an accurate and informed decision. This is also an opportunity for you to discuss the goals you are wanting to reach, and for me to tell you how I can help you achieve them. I customize my plans, according to the client's needs and wants. This will be a video call, via zoom, that way we are able to really get a better feel for each other’s mood and energy. Don’t put it off any longer, schedule your appointment today!

Lonely Traveller


Was $40 now $30! For 30 minutes

This service is for people that just need a wise, and unbiased person to talk to. Whether they need some advice on a certain situation, or if they just need someone to listen, while they figure it out. This service does not include any readings, or spiritual workings. This is just a safe space for YOU to talk. Schedule your conversation now!

Crystal Ball

Intuitive Psychic Reading! (One of the few readers, that MLD was willing to let read at her shop, in Dallas, TX!)

Was $55 now $40! For 30 minutes

These sessions delve into the energies around you, helping you sort out the fogginess in your life. Don’t leave it to chance, get the clarity you’ve been seeking regarding your family, love life, friendships, finances, and career. Schedule your intuitive reading today.

Applying Essential Oil

Healing Oils 

Was $35 now $25! Each!

I am proud to offer you my handcrafted essential oils, infused with love, hope, light, and energy. I prayed very specific prayers, over each and every oil that will be sent to you. It is my hope and prayer, that these oils will provide you with the same type of peace, and comfort that The Most High, provided to me. Please click on the link to see the different selections. Ase, Amen, and so mote it Be.

Client Testimonials

What They’re Saying

It was a very wonderful experience working with Dwight. I appreciate his time and advice that he offers. Thanks always in advance!

Veyola Johnson 

I had a few relationship coaching sessions with Dwight, a couple of years ago. When I was going through a tough breakup, he was able to coach me in the right direction. I wasn't feeling great about who I was within that relationship, he helped me to understand that I don't have to save anyone, and it's not my obligation either. He helped me to point out some things in me, that I didn't even know I had. I would highly recommend Dwight, for a relationship coach.

Michelle D

Wow thank you so much for my reading. It was so on point, and it resonates. I really appreciate it ❤️💕

Anabel Genao

Hi, I had a mini reading by Dwight, Your Gifted one, his reading was really spot on, what I loved about his style of reading was that he was patient, took his time to touch on the various aspects of things that are happening in my life. Thanks, you so much for your time. Stay blessed 🙏🏿

Mas M Bliss

Coach Dwight provided me a mini session and in a few words resonated something obscure and very personal to me. it was a blessing at a time I greatly needed it I will be reaching out again and recommend him for coaching and guidance. Thank you again

Tammy Costrini

He is truly amazing mediumship reader and can connect with spirits and help to deliver you messages that truly resonate with the person that he is connecting with I would recommend him hands down to anyone that would like a reading

Libby Ables

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"I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better."

Maya Angelou

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